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A blood test for stress from Walk-In Lab delivers a comprehensive panel of vital health screens including a complete blood count (CBC), a complete metabolic panel (CMP), a urinalysis, and more. Several variations are available that range from basic tests for stress to incredibly thorough testing kits that can help uncover a wide range of health-related issues. Stress is often an indicator of other physical ailments, and the body’s reaction to stress is a factor in gauging the overall health of an individual.

At Walk-In Lab, you’ll have access to a variety of blood tests for stress. Our Nutrition and Wellness baseline test delivers a host of important health panels, and our Nutrition and Wellness #3 test is considered an extreme blood test that truly provides a wide-ranging look at your health. Order today and gain insight into your overall health and wellness – you’re bound to breathe easier.

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Walk-In Lab is contracted with LabCorp (LC) and Quest Diagnostics (QD) for routine lab testing. Please choose LC or QD to complete your order. If you prefer to receive a kit by mail for specimen collection, select Home Test Kits (KIT). LC, QD and KIT tests must be ordered separately.
LabCorp: Online lab testing is prohibited in MA, MD, NY, NJ and RI.
Quest Diagnostics: Online lab testing is prohibited in NY, NJ and RI.

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